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If you’re looking for more travel and more money in your life, this is the place to be. I hope to inspire you to live your best life by creating more freedom and getting out there to experience new adventures.

But Who Am I?

My home-base is in the Bluegrass, but I try to travel as much as possible. Several years ago, I set out as a freelance writer and never looked back. Within a few years, I was able to turn my side hustle into a full-time, six-figure income allowing me to work virtually anywhere in the world. I know the ups and downs of freelancing, and share those here on the blog.

I studied psychology and coaching in college and love to bring this aspect into my writing. I’m passionate about traveling and building more freedom in life. Growing up, I knew I was never going to be interested in working for someone else. There’s nothing wrong with working for someone else, I just knew it wasn’t for me.

I wanted to be able to create my own schedule, take vacations when I wanted, never have a cap on my income, and avoid the office politics. I figured if I could spend 40-50 hours per week making someone else rich, why couldn’t I work those hours on my own business?

I hope I can inspire you to branch out and start on your own adventure, too. Whether that’s a new business, freelancing, starting your own blog, or becoming a digital nomad.

Here’s what this blog is about:

Travel – Are you looking to experience new adventures around the globe? My destination guides, travel hacks, and packing lists can help! I set out on my first international trip at age 14 to Peru and was hooked with the “travel bug.” I love talking about all things travel and want to show you how creating more space for travel in your life is possible.

Money – Who wouldn’t like to make extra money? I was that kid on the block with a lemonade stand trying to peddle sugary lemon water for quarters to save for my next big toy. I’ve always loved business and getting creative with ways to make extra money. I put together ideas for starting a side hustle, money saving tips, simple ways to start investing, how to love budgeting, and endless ways to make extra side money.

Blogging – Starting a blog is one of the best side hustles you can start. If you write consistently and build an audience, you can create a legit business and income. There are so many niches where you can start your blog, including travel, personal finance, parenting, food, fitness, and weight loss. If you’re interested in a topic, there’s a good chance many other people out there are also interested.

Freelancing – Launching my freelance writing business was that catalyst that let me travel and work remotely. After a couple years, I tripled my previous income working for a boss. Now, I have the ability to work from anywhere on my laptop while traveling (or just staying home in my pajamas!).

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